car wash

Maintaining small to mid-size fleets can be made more efficient through turnkey outsourcing of car wash and oil change tasks.

Car Wash & Oil Changes Pose Challenges

Managers who maintain fleets of under 300 vehicles face different challenges from those of larger fleets. Differences are even more acute for fleets under 50 vehicles. Small & mid-size fleet managers must juggle more with fewer resources and routine maintenance can be one of the most challenging aspects. Because managers often do not have dedicated maintenance staff, day-to-day tasks like completing a car wash or oil change can become inefficient and expensive when you do a full cost analysis.


Costs Add Up

Consider that an average car wash can take an employee as much as two hours to complete off site, plus the employee is not available if needed for cross-work on the lot during that time. At an average wage of $20/hour plus related payroll costs, an employee costs approximately $60 for those two hours. Add that to the average $25 price of the car wash and detailing and the out-of-pocket costs for each car wash runs to $85. This model allows an employee to wash only 3 to 4 vehicles a day (without risking overtime.) In no time, this leads to a lot requiring 2 to 3 employees just to keep the vehicles clean.

When it comes to a routine oil change, the costs can be even higher. The time commitment is about the same, but the cost of the oil change is often up to $50, bringing the total cost to $110.

Outsource to Improve Productivity

Turnkey outsourcing of these routine tasks immediately increases productivity and often lowers cost.

  • The biggest impact to productivity comes from the elimination of any staff time requirement to complete these tasks. This helps fleet managers improve lot operations and may lead to a decrease in staff hours needed overall, improving operating costs.
  • Another big benefit is that outsourcing allows managers to complete routine maintenance on multiple vehicles at the same time—dramatically improving turn around times.

KarHappy was created to help make routine maintenance like an Oil Change or Car Wash easier for fleet managers. Download our app today or reach out to schedule a trial of our service. (KarHappy is currently being piloted in the Washington, D.C. area.)