About KarHappy

KarHappy is an on-demand mobile app for automobile industry that automates the process of connecting car owners with nearby service providers that pickup the vehicle, perform service and return vehicle back, starting with services like Car Wash and Oil Change.

For care care needs car owners often spend a lot of time driving to the shop, wait in line for service and again drive back to their place. While these days consumers can buy everything via phone and get services to their home, car care service is still stuck at old shcool. KarHappy is an on demand Mobile app that fills that gap by connecting with a provider nearby that can pickup the vehicle, perform service and return it back, also let's pay upfront through the app. Whole process is fully automated and done easily with a click or tap on smartphone.

Service providers also gain by Coming on board with KarHappy. Providers get new business with no upfront cost, as we charged the tiny percentage of the business booked through the app, making KarHappy, the marketing tool with best ROI. We also plan to automate customer communication and engagement.

Founder & CEO

With 15 years of IT experience and a Masters in Computer Science from NY Tech, CEO Nick Kondoori understands technology. Nick has lead teams in a variety of roles, taking on project management, design, data modeling, architect applications, and implementing version release processes.

Aside from technology, Nick maintains a track record of improving customer satisfaction while keeping a sharp eye on the bottom line. He coordinates well among cross-functional areas and has worked with large companies on recruiting campaigns. Nick is also adept in corporate presentations and class room training.

When not in the office, Nick loves to read, listen and talk philosophy, and explore nice restaurants.

KarHappy is the brain child of Nick Kondoori. Nick owned a new Lexus SUV when it was newly released, that gave him first 2 services free of cost. But starting the 3rd service, Dealer charges were very high, so Nick tried to find a place with good price. The task of finding the right place at right price was a challenge and involved time consuming and manual tasks. Being a master's graduate in Computer Science from New York Tech with entrepreneur skills, Nick started to put together ideas of having Fully Automated Car Care Solution, and gave a flight to his idea in 2016. KarHappy is now the First of its kind solution, that is meant to make car care services painless, saving a lot of time and of course money.

Nick Kondoori


Venu Gadde has a master’s degree in engineering from The University of Mississippi (Go Rebels!) and has over 25 years of progressive experience in the IT industry. He has been part of, as well as led, various projects ranging from system architecture, application design, business process automation, database design while working for a large federal contractor. His customers ranged from three-letter federal agencies to state and local to commercial.

In his spare time, Venu loves playing racquetball and basketball, reading books and playing drums.

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Venu Gadde