fleet managers oil change

Fleet managers told us what really happens with oil changes & car washes

Anyone managing a fleet has a lot to juggle every day. Most fleet managers don’t have quite enough staff to cover everything, so if something goes wrong it can be hard to recover and still keep all your customers feeling satisfied. We asked a seasoned group of fleet managers about their day-to-day and here is what they said—

  • fleet manager car washAn oil change can take four hours. It shouldn’t but it can.
  • If a vehicle comes back from a wash with a dirty hood, I can’t rent it.
  • Coordinating maintenance is a major drain on staff.
  • I switch providers often due to poor performance. They start out great then let me down.
  • The time maintenance takes is unpredictable and hard to plan for. I want to get maintenance done when I’m not busy but often I get a surge while my guys are out with the vehicles and that leaves me short staffed.
  • Customer satisfaction is impacted by a dirty vehicle. Even if the vehicle is perfect in every other way, a dirty exterior or a napkin found in the glovebox will lead to complaints and negative reviews.

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